Measles Drops First New Track In 50 Years: “Call It a Comeback”

PORT NOVAX, OREGON — Recording artist The Measles announced this week that it has reformed, recorded a fresh new single, and will be touring “as many cities, states, and countries” as possible to promote it.

“The band is extremely excited to get the opportunity to play out again. For awhile there, it seemed like no one was interested in The Measles,” the group’s manager, Joey Mercola, the band’s manager, told reporters at a press conference announcing the single and supporting tour. “But a few weeks ago, we started hearing a demand for their stuff in markets all over the U.S.! I think The Measles knew there was something special happening.”

When the demand for The Measles started growing in states like New York, Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, and Michigan, Mercola says he made the decision to call the band and ask them if they wanted to reunite. The only issue, Mercola says, is that the group’s original drummer, Bumpy Pete, had spontaneously combusted during their last farewell tour in the early 1960’s. They agreed to use Pete’s son, who is also quite an accomplished drummer, and the scene was set for a Measles comeback.

“We booked some studio time and got the band back in the same room together. They started banging away almost as soon as we unlocked the doors,” Mercola said. “Within about four hours they had the new single, and it’s already blowing up everywhere we release it.”

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The Measles’ new track is titled “Call It a Comeback.” Clocking in at just under three minutes, the song is fast paced, and Mercola says fans of the band’s previous work will find their new song “just as good,” and be quite popular.

“There’s no denying that we’re going super viral with this one,” Mercola said. “We can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

The entire tour hasn’t been scheduled yet. However, Mercola says that fans who want The Measles to come to their town soon “can help make it happen.”

“Just don’t do anything to keep us from showing up,” Mercola said. “It’s that easy. Pretend The Measles don’t exist. Do nothing at all. If you don’t do anything to stop us, we’ll eventually get to you anyway.”

You can download and listen to The Measles’ new single, “Call It a Comeback,” on your favorite streaming service now, and in your town starting sometime later this summer.

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Written by James Schlarmann

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