Heartwarming: Super-progressive man punches dog for giving Nazi salute

GLASGLOW, SCOTLAND – A local man is being lauded as a hero after he punched an adorable pug who had been trained to give a Nazi salute.

Backstory: A popular YouTuber, Bark Forechan, trained his girlfriend’s dog to respond to his calls of “Sieg Heil!” by giving a Nazi-style salute, and when asked if the dog “wanted to gas the Jews,” the dog would get excited.

Logically, this upset many people. Bark tried to defend the act, though. He claimed that his girlfriend thought the dog was so perfect, which made him want to teach the dog to be the worst thing he could think of – a Nazi.

Bark posted a video on YouTube of the dog’s training, which Bark nicknamed Bitler. Soon after, the video went viral.

“I can’t believe someone would train this poor, adorable dog to respond to commands!” said one comment on YouTube.

“Bark Forechan is clearly a Nazi and is training his dog to be a Nazi, too. I mean just look at him, with all the piercings and tattoos – and I can barely understand him when he talks. I know during the video he directly said that Nazis are the worst thing he could think of, and it was a prank for his girlfriend, but it’s my right as someone who exists on the internet to be offended at anything I see, ever, and to ignore the context of the situation BECAUSE I’M FUCKING OFFENDED!” said another comment.

Bark was rightfully found guilty in court today of offending people who don’t know how context works, and how context is key when engaging in absurdist humor.

Popular comedians weighed in on the verdict:


But that still wasn’t enough for some people who were looking to really teach that damn dog a lesson.

Following the conviction, a local man named Stan Arrell said that it wasn’t enough.

“I just don’t get it. I don’t get how Bark can be found guilty, but nothing has happened to the dog,” said Arrell in a tweet. Arrell then boarded a plane and flew to Scotland immediately.

Mr. Forechan attempted to defend the dog, saying “He was just following orders! He didn’t understand what he was doing!” Stan knew better though – the dog was clearly anti-semitic, after all.

Upon his arrival, he located the dog in question. The dog was difficult to find, as he was in a private meeting in a basement with other Nazi dogs. Apparently, the dogs had been discussing what to do with the “feline problem” in the neighborhood when Arrell busted into in the room.

Bitler was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Arrell vanished shortly after the incident, and his whereabouts remain unknown.

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