Only 12% of Trump Supporters Can Get Through All 15 Pictures of Constitutional Checks and Balances. Can You?

Recently, researchers at the Global Online Institute of Looking Into and Verifying Things conducted a test on over 10,000 supporters of Donald Trump. The test was quite simple — lab workers showed each Trump supporter 15 pictures of presidential powers being held in check by the Constitution. The test was to see how many of the 15 images Trump supporters could deal with before having to leave the examination room.

“We showed fifteen separate pictures that depicted executive branch power being subjected to the checks and balances our Constitution spells out very clearly,” Dr. Kate Christianson, Executive Director of GOIOLIAVT told us. “The results are beyond conclusive. Only 12% of Trump supporters were able to stomach all fifteen pictures. Most of them had to tapout around the second or third image.”

Dr. Christianson has a couple of theories as to why so many Trump supporters couldn’t get through more of the images.

“They don’t understand the Constitution or how it works, which is of course ironic given how many of them also told us they feel a deep, pretty much sexualized love for the Constitution,” Dr. Christianson said. “I also I have this theory that Trump supporters secretly, desperately want to live under a monarchy, because they seem to think a president should be above the law and be able to do anything he wants to, with no consequences, as long as the president is a Republican. Whatever the reason, though, just barely one out of every MAGA loving patriot can actually deal with how congress and the judiciary keep a president in check.”

We wanted to see if you, our readers, could handle more or fewer pictures of the constitutional checks and balances on executive branch authority. So here now are all fifteen pictures that the GOIOLIAVT used in its experiment. Drop us a comment and let us know how many you got through.


























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Written by James Schlarmann

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