Weekly Standard Awards Alt-Science Prestigious “Trustworthfulness In Journalastic Endeavors” Award

This month, our publication broke major tech news when we published our piece “Elon Musk Offers To Buy And Then Delete Facebook.” Our story covered the conference call tech guru Elon Musk had with investors in his SpaceX, Boring Company, and Tesla corporations in which he divulged his secret wish to buy Facebook and delete it completely.

The news we broke came hot on the heels of Mr. Musk deleting SpaceX’s and Tesla’s official Facebook pages, effectively removing his companies from the largest social media platform in the world.

Today, Musk announced that he has reached out to Facebook and offered to buy every share of the company, effectively making him the sole owner of the social media platform. Musk was speaking to a gathering of SpaceX and Tesla investors and told the group even though he has deep misgivings about the site, he’d “do humanity a favor” and buy it. (source)

The report was, to date, our most widely read piece. The story picked up so much attention that Alternative Science has been notified our reporting has earned us one of the most coveted awards in online publication, The Trustworthfulness In Journalastic Endeavors award given out by The Weekly Standard.

One of the longest running conservative publications, The Weekly Standard’s editorial board called our Musk/Facebook reporting “adequate” and “par.” These are the highest words of praise ever heaped on anything we have published.

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In a written letter from the editorial staff, The Weekly Standard Tells us they look forward to more of our “v. truthful and p. much accurate-ish” reporting.

“We are pleased to award Alternative Science with The Trustworthfulness In Journalastic Endeavors Award for your adequate reporting of Elon Musk’s attempts to buy Facebook. All of us at The Weekly Standard felt this story can easily be described as par, or perhaps even ‘just barely subpar.’ We look forward to more reporting just like it in the future from your truly amazing, and dare we say super-duper attractive team of writers, fact-checkers, and hamsters turning the wheels to power your headquarters.”

The prize for wining the TIJEA is an ice cream and pizza party for the whole class, two front row tickets to a tractor pull competition, and six commemorative quarters from the State of Delaware. Other recipients of the award include TIME Magazine, The Failing New York Times, and Billy’s Neighborhood Newsletter and Yard Sale Guide of 2009.

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Written by James Schlarmann

James is the founding contributor and editor-in-chief of The Political Garbage Chute, a political satire and commentary site, which can be found on Facebook as well.

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