Lunar Flare to cause MASSIVE power outages on the East Coast this Tuesday

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLORIDA – NASA has just announced that a lunar flare just left the moon and is heading directly towards Earth, which will likely impact the Eastern half o the United States on Tuesday.

A cousin to the solar flare, lunar flares occur on or shortly after the full moon each month. Given the size of the moon relative to Earth, more often than not these lunar mass ejections are aimed safely away from Earth. However, that appears to not be the case this time.

Experts warn that the material, upon interacting with the Earth’s magnatronic geosphere, can disrupt satellites, possibly rendering useless equipment that uses GPS tracking.

Once the lunar flare enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it could possible cause chaos. The particles will interfere with radio communications, but should make for a spectacular light show at night.

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