The World-Renowned Scientist Steven Hawking Has Died.

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND – International superstar Stephen Hawking passed away early this morning, surrounded by his family and loved ones.

The famed physicist became popular for not only his science, but also how he permeated pop culture. Perhaps what he’s not as well known for were his books, many of which were best sellers and popular among younger readers.

A fellow author had this to say upon news of Hawking’s passing:

According to Rolling Stone, these were Hawking’s top 10 books:

10. ‘The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass’

9. ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption’

8. ‘The Dead Zone’

7. ‘The Green Mile’

6. ’11/22/63′

5. ‘Misery’

4. ‘Salem’s Lot’

3. ‘The Shining’

2. ‘It’

1. ‘The Stand’

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