NEW VIDEO shows Kendall Jenner diffusing ‘MAGA hat kid’ situation with a Pepsi

WASHINGTON, DC – In a new video just released publicly, Kendall Jenner is shown successfully diffusing the controversy between the “MAGA hat kid” and a Native American veteran at the Lincoln Memorial last weekend.

In the image, Jenner can be clearly seen in the background intervening with a Pepsi. was able to contact Jenner, who gave us an exclusive interview.

In her statement, Jenner said “You know, I just want to help people. And I could see that the kids had been standing outside for over an hour, and I knew I had to step in and fix it the best way I could think of: with an ice cold, delicious Pepsi.”

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“I really think I had a positive impact on the situation. I noticed almost immediately how everyone calmed down, and ever since then people have been totally rational in their analysis of it. Nobody is making wild assumptions at all.”

Jenner continued:

“I think it’s great that everyone is focusing on just a picture and drawing conclusions from it. I also think it’s great that the Black Hebrew Israelites are getting off the hook for their blatant racism. It’s amazing how well a can of Pepsi can de-escalate a tense situation!”

h/t Reddit

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