Elon Musk Dedicated To Building Affordable Housing On Mars

SWILLY CORN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA — Billionaire entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk has big dreams, and perhaps even larger ambitions as to how to achieve those dreams. His pursuit of seeing those dreams into fruition has garnered him quite a large following and cadre of well-wishers.

However, not everyone is so firmly entrenched on Elon’s side.

Some have questioned why Mr. Musk seems to so much of  his effort into extraterrestrial endeavors and pursuits when there are many problems facing humanity here on Earth. Perhaps in an attempt to address some of those criticisms, Musk told a podcast audience over the weekend that he’s got some very altruistic ideas that coincide with SpaceX’s missions to explore space, particularly the goal to get mankind to Mars and onto its surface.

“Once we get humans on Mars, we’re not just going to be building strip malls full of FroYo establishments and drive-thru Starbucks,” Musk said. “Though, those will definitely be in the works. We’re also going to build extremely affordable housing, you know, provided you can afford the billion or two dollars it’ll cost you to get a flight to Mars.”

Musk announced that he has formed HomesteadX, a subsidiary of SpaceX. The goal of HomesteadX is to build hundreds of what they’re calling “Elondominiums” on Mars. The domiciles will be so cheap that Musk says he will not charge a dime in rent to the inhabitants.

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If they can get to Mars with us, then we have a place for them stay as long as they want,” Musk said. “I mean, it’s not like they can go back to Earth, so they might as well take us up on our offer.”

Each living unit will have many “Muskamenities” that is hoped will entice space pioneers to sign-up with SpaceX for a flight to Mars.

“These highly sought after luxury Elondominiums will have all the Muskamenities you could possibly hope for in an extraterrestrial living unit,” Musk said. “Broadband Intnernet, full washer and dryer in every unit, and enough oxygen for 100 Martian years.”

Mr. Musk took the opportunity to also announce that he has partnered with The Learning Channel.

“We think the TLC audience will love Martian House Hunters,” Musk said. “So we’re excited for the show to  begin taping some time in the next decade or two.”

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Written by James Schlarmann

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